Quranic Arabic Course

  • The primary objective of the year-round localized program is to combine quality and convenience, enabling everyone to have the ability to learn the language of the Quran without interrupting their work and education or being limited to online or only summer residential options. Through mastery of Arabic grammar, morphology reading, and vocabulary, the course facilitates language acquisition through both active and passive engagement. The instructor's role is to enable students to develop their linguistic skills effectively and efficiently, but the onus is on students to invest both time and considerable effort towards the end.

    Students engage Quranic vocabulary (mufradat al Quran), understand various sentence components (nahw), and dissect words and understand patterns (awzan) to gain a deeper understanding of the root meanings (sarf).

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  • Prerequisites

    The preprequisite for the Quranic Arabic Level 1 course is the ability to read and write the Arabic script. Students who are not comfortable with this are invited to take Fawakih's Introduction to Arabic course when it is offered. 

    Course Requirements

    Homework/Participation (30%) Attendance will be checked weekly. Ample preparation and active involvement in classroom activities is expected at all times. Any anticipated absences must be cleared with your instructor. Homework will be visually checked daily and assessed on the basis of effort. In order to save class time, homework will be self-checked as answer keys will be posted for students online. Students can email or utilize office hours to have homework questions answered.

    Quizzes (30%) Quizzes are integral part by which a student can track their progress. For each chapter/topic in Arabic Tutor, there is a quiz that the student must take before the class moves to the next chapter/topic. For each reading passage, there is a vocabulary quiz students must take before the class moves to the next passage. These quizzes are meant to stimulate your neurotransmitters to inspire movement within your synaptic vesicles in a concerted effort to shift the neurons from your short-term memory to your long-term memory. The monthly quiz will assess your grasp of grammar, morphology, and vocabulary.

    Final Exam and Proverbs (40%) A final exam covering all three skills will be administered at the end of the semester. Memorization of proverbs throughout the semester will be tested as well.

    Beginner Arabic

    Students in each level are provided with a Fawakih Course Packet which includes all necessary course materials. For certain levels, additioanl materials are provided.


    AR 101: Linguistics - Foundations of Grammar (nouns, sentence structure, posession)
    AR 102: Linguistics - Foundations of Morphology (past, present, command verbs)
    AR 103: Text Analysis - Reading of Qissat Ibrāhīm


    AR 104: Text Analysis - Reading of Qissat Yūsuf
    AR 105: Skills - Listening (Adhkār & Du'ā')
    AR 106: Skills - Writing & Speaking


    AR 201: Linguistics - Foundations of Grammar Pt. II
    AR 202: Linguistics - Foundations of Morphology Pt. II (Mushtaqqāt & 10 Verb Forms)
    AR 203: Text Analysis - Reading of Mūsā & Hārūn Unvowelled Text


    AR 204: Text Analysis - Reading of Selections from Arba'īn lil-Imām al-Nawawi
    AR 205: Skills - Listening (Fattabi'ūnī Series - Shaykh Muhammad al-Saqqāf)
    AR 206: Skills - Writing (Introduction to Hurūf and their usages)

    Intermediate Arabic


    AR 301: Linguistics - Intermediate Grammar (Mansūbāt)
    AR 302: Linguistics - Intermediate Morphology (Details regarding 10 Verb Forms)
    AR 303: Qur'ān Analysis - Selections from Juz 'Amma


    AR 304: Qur'ān Analysis - Sūrat al-Shu'arā' Pt. I
    AR 305: Skills - Listening (Khutbah Selections)
    AR 306: Skills - Writing (Hurūf and their usages)


    AR 401: Linguistics - Further Grammar Topics (Tawābi', Shart, Kāda wa Akhawātuha)
    AR 402: Linguistics - Advanced Morphology (Irregular Verbs)
    AR 403: Qur'ān Analysis - Sūrat al-Shu'arā' Pt. II


    AR 404: Qur'ān Analysis - Sūrat al-Shu'arā' Pt. III
    AR 405: Skills - Listening (Khadijah Series)
    AR 406: Skills - Writing (Expressions in Arabic)

    Advanced Arabic


    AR 501: Linguistics - Balāgha: Bayān (Imagery and Figurative Language)
    AR 502: Text Analysis - Fiqh Readings
    AR 503: Qur'ān Analysis - Sūrat al-Kahf Pt. I


    AR 504: Linguistics - Balāgha: Ma'ānī (Linguistic Pragmatics)
    AR 505: Text Analysis - 'Aqīdah Readings
    AR 506: Qur'ān Analysis - Sūrat al-Kahf Pt. II


    AR 601: Linguistics - Balāgha: Badī' (Rhetorical Embellishments)
    AR 602: Text Analysis - Sīrah Readings
    AR 603: Qur'ān Analysis


    AR 604: Linguistics - Applied Balāgha (Linguistic Pragmatics)
    AR 605: Text Analysis - 'Ulūm al-Qur'ān Readings
    AR 606: Qur'ān Analysis

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  • The Fawakih team is committed to ensuring high achievement and a quality participant experience. The classroom experience is an integral part of the learning, however often what happens outside the classroom impacts a student’s progress. Fawakih’s research and development team continually strives to produce resources that enable students to maximize their learning. Many of these resources are accessible to registered students online in the Student Resource Portal. Resources include:

    • Fawakih Online Quizzes and Exams
    • Audio recordings of classical texts and proverbs
    • Video clips for vocabulary acquisition and comprehension sorted by Arabic level
    • Instructional videos by Senior Fawakih Instructors
    • Class handouts, powerpoints, and policies
    • Links to Quran and Arabic websites
    • Access to online searchable Arabic dictionaries

    Current students, click for your Quranic Arabic Resources: Access Here